• EnvirOx LLCEnvirOx LLCDiana Stewart - President & CEO

    What continually impresses me about Jim is that he always keeps his commitments. Finding an experienced professional who can help you grow your business, who delivers on commitments while bringing a consistent flow of ideas and opportunities, is a real asset. Jim brings it.

  • Kay DosierKay DosierKay Dosier

    Jim Sheffer understands the building maintenance industry in a deeper way than anyone I’ve ever met. He sees the big picture, and is brilliant at connecting people, businesses and services in ways that are mutually beneficial. He stays in tune with the latest product, equipment and technology offerings in the industry.

  • Colonial Bag CorporationColonial Bag CorporationMark Hosticka-Vice President Sales

    Jim has been a pleasure to work with at Performa Consultative Services. Jim has an amazing ability to deliver value by offering new ideas and perspectives that are proving indispensable to our recent success in tapping new business opportunities. I highly recommend Jim and Performa Consultative Services!

  • Inter City SupplyInter City SupplyJackie Dyess - Owner & President

    I think what really separates Performa from other companies is the many, many years of experience the owner has. This is not an investor who just bought a company, this is an owner who has a passion who is driving the company. And when I hand something over to Jim I know it will get done!

  • THD Pro InstitutionalTHD Pro InstitutionalJean Stanker - Account Executive – THD Pro Institutionale

    Jim Sheffer is one of the most knowledgeable and hardest working people in our industry. He is constantly innovative, creating new programs that change the face of the industry. He is creative, consistent, dependable, and ethical. He not only knows how to make businesses better, but he knows how to make people better. He has personally been a mentor to me, and made me a better rep. He has been a trailblazer and a mover-and-shaker since the first time I met him, and he can work with people to make things happen better than anyone I know.

  • I've had the opportunity to work with Jim for the last ten years! He's been a great resource, mentor, and friend. The first thing I think of when working with Jim is quote by Bill Parcels "Don't let good enough...be good enough”. Jim's consultative approach is always to be looking for new and innovative ways to do things quicker, better, and more effective.

  • Solaris PaperSolaris PaperPeggy Eckholm - Solaris Paper – District Manager

    I don’t think anyone has done what Jim has done before. I have been able to get in front of distributors and end user that I would not have been able to do on my own. Performa has given me that extra access I needed to be able to show my products. Three words I would growth, communication and results.

  • THD Pro InstitutionalTHD Pro InstitutionalMelissa Cusack - Account Manager – THD Pro Institutional

    Jim Sheffer is a very knowledgeable and passionate man in all he does. He takes time to know his clients and assist them in the areas that will help them grow as a person and business. Jim is a teacher, a mentor and a person who brings his customers to the next level of performance. He has personally helped me grow exceptionally in the few years I have known him; as a person and as a sales consultant. He works with the whole person not just a specific project or industry. I have been very lucky to have worked with him on several very successful projects.

  • Jim and his team at Peforma have proven to be an invaluable resource for my organization. Performa’s knowledge of our industry, customer insights, along with practical application of those insights, has given my organization a rare look into multiple verticals within our marketplace. This has allowed us to save time and money by creating a road map to apply that information and focus our resources effectively and efficiently.