Who We Are:

We are a supplier diversity enabler that communicates actionable insights and develops smart solutions to advance the organizational interest and goals of minority businesses including (women, veteran, physically disabled, multiracial, Black and/or LGBTQ+ owned businesses), public and/or non-for-profit consortiums, and commercial enterprises seeking to promote and interact in a more inclusive supply chain.

What We Do:

Listening intently to what our clients are telling us about their business and current situation is the starting point for all our consulting projects. Dedicating the time upfront to clearly understand a client’s organizational interests and goals is key to our ability to get things done within aggressive timelines and strict budget constraints. Our intimate boutique-styled strategic management consultative engagement sets us apart and empowers us to influence and improve the operations and direction of a client’s business in the long run through innovative, actionable solutions in an increasingly complex market environment.

James Sheffer,


Inspiring leadership

Jim Sheffer left his corporate life behind to utilize his 25+ years of business leadership experience to focus on assisting disenfranchised businesses. Jim is an influential organizational leader with extensive expertise in supply chain and relationship management, cost containment innovation, high growth strategies, and key performance indicators to build fiscally sound and operationally savvy multi-million-dollar enterprises.

Passionate commitment

Jim has incredible passion and exceptional ability to structure, motivate, and guiding teams to solve challenging business issues within aggressive timelines and strict budget constraints. He is easily able to cast vision when identifying market trends, develop actionable insights, target untapped business development opportunities, and launch consumer demanded products and services in emerging high-growth markets.

Early in my career, a wise and kind mentor offered me guidance by sharing that “you will develop into the sum of your life work experience, so make every moment count for you and for the benefit of others”. As founder and CEO of Performa Consultative Services, it is fulfilling to focus on providing strategic management consultation and advocacy services for a diverse clientele seeking insights and solutions targeting untapped business and value-added opportunities.

Cass Contreras

VP and Executive Consultant

Cass Contreras heads up our West Coast team. Cass brings nearly 25 years of experience in supply chain and distribution as a motivator, coach, and mentor. She joins us from the Home Depot Pro Institutional, where she held the role of Senior Regional Sales Manager. As a LEED® Accredited Professional, she brings over 13 years of experience, and with her a passion for the environment and green cleaning best practices. Cass will be leading our West Coast office. She is extremely passionate about problem-solving for her clients.

“My mission is to improve our client's businesses and their lives as well, which is why I am excited to announce that I am joining Jim and the Performa team. Performa's boutique approach to their clients starts with listening, and then creating impactful solutions around their business goals and initiatives. Performa’s values and care for their clients is second to none; it’s a perfect match for my professional and personal goals, and the key reason I am joining the team.”

Jason Cottone

Executive Consulting Director

Jason brings 21 years of experience in distribution and manufacturing as a market development specialist, business coach and sales team mentor. He joins us from MaxLite where he held the role of Vice President of Utilities and National Accounts, and also has held key leadership positions in The Home Depot Pro and Grainger as a maintenance, repair and operations supply chain expert. Jason will be part of the West Coast leadership team and is exceptionally passionate about assisting organizations develop their profitable business through strategic growth and problem-solving analytics.

“I am excited to be joining the TEAM! Performa’s unique boutique style approach focuses on listening to our clients to clearly their organizational interests and goals, then providing them with smart and actionable business solutions. Performa’s care for their clients and passion for problem solving sets them apart and is why they are an excellent partner for me professionally and personally.”


?Why do you need a consultant for your business?
While business leaders have a broad range of skills, a consultant provides independent perspective bringing fresh ideas and solutions.
?What are the benefits of utilizing a consultant?
Consultants, unlike in-house management, are not distracted by other tasks and focus their “best practice” knowledge to deliver unique solutions that reflect the circumstances and goals of their clients within aggressive timelines.
?What should you consider in choosing a consultant?
A good consultant should have experience with the challenges and opportunities you and your company are facing. You will want the consultant you engage to be an outstanding communication and critical-solving skills. You will want to measure them by their ability to influence and improve the operations and direction of your business in the long run through innovative, actionable solutions in a complex market environment for a fair price.
?Is Performa Consultative Services the right fit for you and your business?
While there will continue to be a need for consultative services that focus on clearly defined problems and conventional solutions clients easily understand, at Performa we engage in situations in which clients are seeking an advocate with the ability to think and act in an organic and enlightened way about complex issues. With over 25 years of experience and demonstrated ability to structure, motivate, and guide teams to advance client organizational interests and goals, we are a boutique-styled company without a lot of overhead costs or strict corporate policies. This saves time and money, and creates a flexible workplace for getting things done within aggressive timelines and strict budget constraints.